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thirteen tracks
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the conception of thirteen tracks began as a gift to b. majors in january of 2006.. taken further, his rebutle began a musical warfare of sorts, that has transformed to define and describe their relationship at the various point in time. beav is the odd maker, the b.majors is the even maker.

held as sacred by the family, the songs on all the respected thirteen tracks are completely untouchable, and have never been used or dedicated to another since the moment the two had realized what they had started.

every single thirteen tracks end with an interpol song, which is always the define point and summary of the previous twelve songs. there are only two interpol songs that will never be used on a thirteen tracks, and that is Stella Was A Diver, as it already has been dedicated to Beav by Clyde, and The Specialist, which is a song for Chase and Lindsay.

they are free to use any song, except for the following:

Stella Was A Diver ~ Interpol
The Specialist ~ Interpol
Just Like Heaven ~ The Cure
The Promise ~ When in Rome
Like Spinning Plates ~ Radiohead
They Can't Take That Away From Me ~ Fred Astaire


any song that has been dedicated to another within the family.

there is no definitive time frame between when the tracks are put together and given to the other person, but when the moment in time comes and speaks in magnitudes, and usually involves fountains of tears, and a shoulder to cry on.

all tracks are run by lindsay, as she is the musical genius (not to say that every other person besides beav and matthew are not geniuses, but she knows every dedication and meaning of all the songs in the family), and rightly so deserves to see the track listing first.

b.majors has dedicated the song They Can't Take That Away From Me, by Fred Astaire to thirteen tracks.

this community and biography is my gift to b. majors.